Thursday, March 19, 2009

dinner conversation

This was one of our dinner conversations tonight:

Hannah: Smoking is bad for your body.
Dad: Who taught you that?
Hannah: Mom.
Dad: Oh.
Hannah: Sydney and I saw a man smoking at the church.
Dad: At the church?
Hannah: He was outside the church.
Dad: At the church??
Hannah: He was smoking in his car.
Dad: At the church???
Hannah: He was by himself smoking in his car.
Dad: At the church???
Dad: oh.

Conversation #2

Megan: Watch what I can do....
Hannah: Well watch what I can do.....
Mom: Can you do this?....
Dad: (after he couldn't do it) Girls, your mother is crazy.


Amy said...

Isn't it awesome to capture these little gems! They see the cutest things.

The Peton's said...

That must have been a really bad man to think he could smoke as he drove by the church. Too funny!

Remember my story of the man that really DID smoke in the church? Maybe I should tell Hannah sometime.

The Peton's said...

By the way, the word verification for my comment was "pul tedi." That's a good one. Naughty!

Daniel and Leslie said...

The funny thing....I can totally hear all your voices having that conversation. Almost like I was sitting there :)

Jen said...

Can I come eat dinner with you? I need more laughter in my life!

MLewis said...

Hi Amy! I was youtubing Anna Russell stuff which led to other stuff which led to a 12th grader singing Vanilla Ice Cream which had me thinking "I wonder how Amy Jo is doing?" Your kids are so CUTE!!! I have a 3 year old now. He's pretty cute too.
Glad to see you're so happy.

Cassie and Chad said...

Amy I am dying to hear all about your marathon...You go girl! You are super woman...Please inspire me! Way to go what an accomplishment!!!